Cozumel diving packages Multi-Day Dives

We have custom packages starting with three diving days that can be modified and adapted to the diver’s needs and requests.

With our multi-day dive packages, we give YOU the freedom to build your most unforgettable diving experience with us. Choose how many days you want to dive and don’t be afraid to add one of our specialty adventures into the world-famous cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula, snorkel with the gentle giants of the sea, Whalesharks! Or get your heart pumping by meeting Bull Sharks up close!

Our base packages include dives on the famous Cozumel reefs with its world-famous drift diving, crystal clear waters, and vibrant marine life. 

Please let our team know of any dive site preferences and we will try our best to accommodate them.

cozumel dive package Packages and modifications


3-day (6 dives Cozumel):   $280 

4-day (8 dives Cozumel):   $365 

5-day (10 dives Cozumel): $455 

6-day (12 dives Cozumel): $545 

7-day (14 dives Cozumel): $635


Upgrade your package with our specialty add-ons:

Refresh 1  Refresh & 1 Boat Dive:      $50

Cenotes (2 dives):

  • Chac Mool & Kukulkan:           $50   

  • Eden & Tajma ha:                   $70                 

  • The Pit & Dos Ojos:                $80         

  • Angelita & Tajma ha:              $85        

  • Dos Ojos:                              $70                              

** All of our Multi-Day packages include scuba dives around Cozumel in the beautiful reefs that surround the island.  Adding upgrades to explore **  ** the Cenotes of Playa Del Carmen or Whale sharks is an additional fee and replaces a dive from the base package **

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3 days (6 dives)

2 days in Cozumel

1 day in Cenotes (Chac Mool and Kukulkan)
Price: $330

2 days in Cozumel

1 day in Cenotes (The pit and Dos Ojos)
Price: $360


4 days (8 dives)

2 days in Cozumel

2 days in Cenotes (Chac Mool/Kukulkan and The Pit/Dos Ojos)
Price: $495

2 days in Cozumel

2 day in Cenotes (Chac Mool/Kukulkan and Dos Ojos)
Price: $485

5 days (10 dives)

3 days in Cozumel

2 days in Cenotes (The Pit/ Dos Ojos and Angelita/Car Wash)
Price: $610

3 days in Cozumel

2 days in Cenotes (Dos Ojos and Eden/Taj Mahal)
Price: $585

Group size

Group size

Maximum of 5 people per instructor

package includes

package includes

- Transportation
- Instructor
- Entrance and Park Fees
- Lunch

Open Water Certification required

Open Water Certification required