Bull Shark Diving in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Bull Sharks Playa Del Carmen
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Diving With The BullSharks

Diving with an Apex predator is a must in your diving vacations in Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, it might sound scary and crazy for some people, but every year, from November to March, thousands of divers from different experience levels come to the Riviera Maya to have close encounters with this amazing predator.

Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush or an opportunity to photograph bull sharks in their natural environment, Diving with this apex predator will for sure be one of the best and most exciting experiences of your life.

Just 400m from the coast of Playa del Carmen a sub-population of female bull sharks returns year after year to offer certified divers a unique shark diving experience with the magnificent creatures.

Now when you think of shark diving you probably think of Cocos Island, South Africa, French Polynesia, or cage diving in Isla Guadalupe, but not many people know that Playa del Carmen offers great shark diving from November to March every year.

Why they come

towns would regularly kill bull sharks by the dozens for sport fishing and entertainment purposes despite the fact that they knew they were murdering pregnant female sharks and effectively wiping out the next generation of ocean guardians.

Thanks to various dive centers and nonprofit organizations, shark diving is now a sustainable source of eco-tourism which means bull sharks are now protected. Shark tourism is becoming a viable source of revenue for several businesses and helps to broaden the perspective of business owners towards eco-tourism.

How to dive with bull sharks

The dive site where you will encounter the bull sharks is very easy, there is even a rope for divers to descend and to hang on to while they observe the sharks.

This thrilling dive also gives you the chance to see other marine life like southern stingrays, moray eels, remoras, and various Caribbean fish. The dive requires little to no finning (swimming), as most of the dive will take place on the sandy bottom which makes the dive suitable for any level of fitness.

About bull sharks

Bull sharks mainly hunt for stingrays and fish but are also known to hunt turtles and crustaceans. Most of the hunting takes place in murky water where they can ambush their prey.

What makes bull sharks one of the most interesting sharks aside from their impressive size and intimidating appearance, is that they are one of the few sharks that can swim in both sea and freshwater. Bull Sharks can travel up rivers and enter waterways far away from the ocean.

So, they take advantage of the many mangroves in the area and the brackish water to come and give birth to their young in a safe and perfect environment.

Bull sharks have been heavily fished, and by choosing to dive with them you are helping to protect this sub-population of bull sharks and getting the chance to do one of the most exciting dives you can do in Mexico.

All you have to do is come to Playa del Carmen, and take a dive with the bull sharks!

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