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Our standards encompass safety, professionalism, quality, and enjoyment.

Our aim is to create the optimal environment for our customers and friends, ensuring unforgettable memories both in and out of the water.

At BAREFOOT, we are not just a team, we are a close-knit family, fostering a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.







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A friend recommended this place and I’m glad they did! I did two days of diving with Inna who let me feel safe and made everything very easy and pleasant for me! Also she was a great photographer 😉 now I need to do my certification for sure.

Erin Larter

Had a great experience with Barefoot Diving! The staff were great, friendly and really helpful. Special thank you to Inna who was our dive instructor, she was amazing! Super knowledgeable and helpful and made our experience really fun! Would definitely recommend diving here!

Tia Chauhan

Perfect experience! I've been there for two dives and then decided to do advanced open waters course. The guides were extremely professional, took us to amazing sites and most importantly made sure we know our gear and improved our skills. The people in the center also talk multiple languages (Spanish, English, and even German French Hebrew etc...) which for me was really convenient. Hope to be back soon!

Lotem A

Good diving experience. Solid instructions. I came here to do a refresher course and they paired me with a solid instructor who guided us through the process and helped us get the full enjoyment from being underwater.


I went 3 days diving with them and would highly recommend them! I contacted them via WhatsApp before and the communication was very easy. The instructors are very professional and patient - also they can speak English very well. I can’t wait to dive with Barefoot again! Thank you for 3 wonderful days!

Simon Lafleur

I’d leave 10 stars if I could! Best diving crew we’ve ever been with! Ina is my favorite ever! Thank you Ina for being so amazing and making me feel safe when I had my nervous anxiety attack under water! 😂 sorry! Seriously, she’s absolutely amazing at teaching, sharing knowledge, double/triple checking all equipment and making anyone feel 110% safe! Words are just not enough for the gratitude I feel in my heart for you! ❤️ Thank you guys for the most amazing dive we had so far! The entire crew is the best and they keep the groups 2-4 max per dive master! ❤️

Melissa Madden

The staff is professional and courteous. We received equipment in excellent condition, detailed and patient instruction and a lot of fun. We saw lots of cool sea animals and the food on the boat was satisfying and delicious. Many thanks to the guide named Eyal, professional and nice all the way!!!! Absolutely recommend, and we will return to them again. Many thanks to barefoot divers

Shani Elbirt

These guys are really so amazing! Everyone is super friendly, knowledgeable, professional and safe! I booked one day and quickly extended to their 3-day dive package. We shared food, stories, laughs and they even took me to a Shabbat dinner on the island. Such a rockin’ crew - I actually cried leaving the island and these wonderful Barefoot (always) humans! How wonderful to feel so at home that your heart hurts to leave! I’ll be going back for sure!

Alena Horowitz

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